The Human and Environment Society SCOOBY has filed a total of 8 impeachments against owners for abandoning their animals. These lawsuits have been filed in the administrations of Junta de Castilla y León, Valladolid and Salamanca, places where animals were collected .
The reason of our claims is just to know  what  can we do with these animals: though they are abandoned they have still an owner,  so,  it is  impossible for us to give them a new opportunity until  administration give us the authorizarion to solve the ownership question . Do the dogs belong to the owner or to us?
Finally SCOOBY’s efforts were succesful and and some of these owners have been denounced, which is a very hard work that slowly and barely gives results. Time goes by, but SCOOBY does not forget its animals and keeps fighting as necessary.
So far we have received three responses from the administration: first of all, a Stafford Mix abandoned in Scooby shelter in Valladolid. The owner stopped paying  maintenance for his animal. We tried to contact him again and again but it was impossible . After filing the denounce, the Administration answered that  " it would be the default provision of services in the context of a relationship between individuals " and as consequence,  " it could not be described as negligent conduct."  …We wonder, if ignoring your dog since October 2012 is not a neglecting conduct what is it then ? .
Another subject in the way to be solved: a Husky whose owner abandoned him in February 2013 . Following the  law procedure, we tried to find him but he did not want to take care of his dog. So we filed a complaint with the Civil Guard. The owner has finally been penalized with 1503 euros, but this was not yet the solution. Who was the animal real owner? After contacting the administration, Law finally allowed us  to register the dog under our name. A case finally closed .
In the third case we  are waiting for a more specific answer from Administration. They announced that disciplinary proceedings " concluded with sanction due to the abandonment of the dog" but the power to execute corresponds  to the " city councils," . In the meanwhile, the dog keeps with us.
It is more than a year trying to streamline the denounces and it is now when  we are starting to get the answers. We understand that administration is saturated , but there are a lot of animals that have lost precious time to be with families who really love them. So, we rush institutions to work with us to provide a decent and happy life for these dogs who  have been abandoned.
We will keep on fighting against every person who carries out so detestable actions , and also taking care for those who once were "their" animals.
SCOOBY also listens to everyone who knows  cases of animal abuse or neglect. This has been the case for some neighbors who informed us about a vet’s malpractice who slaughtered animals , particularly greyhounds, in a unorthodox way . We referred this information to the Veterinarians Association in Valladolid, and they answered us that  “safeguarding the Code of Ethics and professional veterinary practice,  they will proceed to start the necessary actions to determine the facts”.
SCOOBY takes care of their animals and fights day and night against people who abuse, neglect and malpractice animals to be prosecuted and convicted .
Thanks to everyone who helps us in this work .