Cobie Steketee´s dream

Like Martin Luther King, I also had a dream, who doesn´t? I had a dream that one day this whole residencia would have nice new floors and walls, that it would be painted in the most beautifull colors which made the dogs feel happy, that there would be a waving palmtree in every kennel to provide the dogs with shadow in summer and less wind in winter, that there would be a special place for traumatised galgos where they could feel safe, maybe with a little bit special music in the background, that there would be a small clinic for those who need treatment, that the big terrain next to the kennels would have beautifull green grass where the dogs really could run fast and play the whole day, that there would be heating in every kennel in winter etc. etc. That it would be a real small paradise as well for people as for the dogs. But the first thing we need for this is money and the reality is that many of our clients don´t bother to pay us for the services we have given them for their dogs. Like Fundación Luna from Salamanca, they had many dogs here, still owe us 4700,- euros but have already for over a year not payed nothing!! A German association, ACM ,also had many dogs here, they still owe us some 7000,- euros but did not pay nothing for over 2 years! Somebody particular left his 2 dogs, both over 10 years old here for, as he said, some 4 months and was crying when he brought them because he loved them so much and was going to come to visit them here every week, as he said. We never saw him back, neither the money he ows us! A galguero from Madrid left his 3 galgopups here, never paid nothing and owed us 1700,- euros which he did not want to pay. He wants very much his dogs back but he can forget that! No money for us means no dogs for him and these pups, in the meantime almost 2 years old, are on our adoption page now. Lucky them!!! Several other galgueros did not pay their bill so they cannot bring anymore dogs here of course, which makes us feel very, very sorry for these dogs because without any doubt, they would be here much better than with them. It's a question of education, I think...And we? We keep on dreaming...from palmtrees in the sun, nice floors and walls with nice colours, everything painted, heating, clinic, green grass...sweet dreams...!!!