Charlie and Amelie

Charlie and Amelie were saved from a certain death, their mistress wanted to put them down to get rid of them, like you would treat any throw away article. They were in Cuellar and we did not have to think for a moment and stepped in to save their lives. Their lives had not been that good anyway, they never received any love before arriving at Scooby and they have probably been beaten because if somebody they don’t recognize wants to pet them they cringe with their tail between their legs.. But even after all they have gone through, they are very loving and willing to give you their unconditional love. They follow you around everywhere and now they know what petting is, they are trying to get close to you to constantly be petted.
We have taught them to walk on a leash, since nobody until now has bothered to give them enough attention like taking them out for a walk and they love it! They have also learned how to go up and down staircases, something they were terrified of in the beginning, and they are starting to react to their names. They learn quickly!
Since they have been together their whole life and suffered these hardships together, they protect each other and are not happy when they are not together. They are more secure when they’re together and if there is something that scares them they start to shiver and get close together, as if that would help making things better and prevent anything bad from happening.
Even though they have lived their life only outside so far, inside the house they don’t bark, they are very quiet and surprisingly, they don’t have any accidents nor do they destroy anything, they adapt really well to living in a home and live perfectly along with other dogs, cats and kids.
The two have already suffered enough in their short life, now they are looking for a home where they get the opportunity they deserve, you want to be that person?

Charlie en Amelie.