Short news 3

At the moment we at Scooby we have already achieved that two people have received fines for abandoning their animals, now we only need to see that the other cases reported will have the same results and we will see the consequences and that everybody pays for what they are doing, we have a group of people with two lawyers ready to report everything to the police that needs to be reported, all the cases of abandonment, abuse, illegal breeding etc. etc. If you want to join the group, send us an email because we need all the help we can get.
The fillies are still pregnant and they really do eat us out of house and home in the end.
We are going to start the talks at school, right now we have send letters to all the schools in the province and some already responded, and we have 5 presentations confirmed and this is going to be more, we need people to join the teaching group so if you want to join, you know where to find us. We already have various confirmed appointments with schools and groups to come and visit our refuge.
During this year, we have already made 6 trips with dogs abroad, 5 of them done by us and one has been done in an absolutely spectacular truck from the people of Pet Levrieri, they could take 35 dogs meaning that  now already a lot of animals have found their safe place outside of Spain, and this is a good thing because I fear that the adoptions here in Spain will go down in numbers. Thanks a lot to all those people that do everything they can, without your help  Scooby would not survive and all this even with people in our lives that  make stupid comments on Facebook , saying “ I am troubled, we don’t know what is happening to them later on”, insinuating strange things. I would like to tell these people to shut up, if they are troubled then so am I and  I am also troubled every  two weeks when we  take the trouble of transporting them. I would be thrilled if we could have them all adopted here in Spain but it’s just not possible when they are being left in the quantities they are abandoned in this country, it is going to be impossible for them to all be placed here, so if you don’t like it don’t watch, but please shut up, I have had it with these kinds of people. Till soon
Hugs, kisses, licks en loving purrs...Fermin