Another victim of abandonment

This poor Galga was straying near  Medina and as soon as we got to know Dani and Marcos went for picking her up. And first it seemed they would succeed but the poor animal, scared of humans and not knowing these 2 came as saviors, escaped again before they could close the cage and ran away. She was not to be found anymore until the police called, telling us a Galga was hit by a car. And it was her again, not able to move anymore and with so severe internal injuries that she died in the clinic;-( 

So former owner of this dog and of all the other abandoned dogs, if you recognize your dog, ran over by a car, you are as guilty for this completely unnecessary death as if you would have killed her yourself. But it is so damn easy this way, isn´t it? Open the door, chase your dog away and problem solved.
In a cruel and irresponsible way, but you don´t care, do you?

BUT WE DO!! And do you know why? Because we have a conscience that can tell right from wrong, we have compassion with the defenseless, we feel responsible for those  who are under our protection and we have a heart that still aches after all those years when we see things like this.

And what do you have?