The miracle of life

Last Sunday, life started promising at Scooby, a new inhabitant was born, a lanky colt that raised its head at the first rays of sun as if to say welcome to this world.

The mystery of life is wonderful, whichever way we look at it, if it is a chuck, a pup, a foal or a little baby. It is simply wonderful to see the way the mother acts around her offspring, you can see the proof in the pictures that come with this article. The gentleness with which the mother cares for and protects her baby, how she cares, caresses it, a new sentiment arises, the one of protection, not for themselves but for something that has been a part of her, and from now will be a part of her all her life.
After having this somewhat sentimental thought, another one comes to mind, a new renter and a bit more costs for food, vet etc.. you know us, we will take every chance we have to ask or your help where you can. I have told you many times already, your help is essential in maintaining the Protectora and its inhabitants and we will always, always and always be very grateful for your help. I think we have some new births on the way soon, but I will tell you about them later.