We went to Cadiz

We received a Facebook message about a problem in Cadiz with some dogs in a very bad shape, also we knew that there are several galgos needing help from the perrera Gesser so Cristina and me went there to rescue several dogs and like always we will help them, they will recover, they will be castrated and after that they will be rehomed, among all of them we rescue a mother galga with her puppies, seven puppies we named her Alba and we will show you , how they grow every day. Please enjoy and donate there are lot more cases of dogs needing help , but without you nothing is possible, we don´t ask too much, only we ask you to help us , so we can help them. Kisses , licks and hugs. Fermin.

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK