The Story of Chuki

When you loose a loved one, the feeling of pain is great but you need to get on with life. When an animal looses its master, the only person looking out for him, the feeling is the same or even greater. He does not only loose a loved one, but with that loved one goes the protection he had and it leaves him confused and left to his own devices.
This is the case with Chuki, a little dog who dedicated his whole life to his master, accompanied him every day on his walks and being his most loyal friend, but this changed with the sudden death of his master. While the family decided what to do with the dog, Chuki did not understand very well what had happened and every time the door opened he was waiting anxiously for his master to arrive, but of course he never came and Chuki remained alone and desperate, without anybody taking care of him.
Nobody wanted to keep Chuki and they planned to have him put to sleep (we never figured out how they were going to do it). He was only so happy to have people he knew around him that he was wagging his tail, because he was left alone most of the time. And when it looked as if there was no hope for him, his luck changed and his angel arrived that took him out of there before he was put down.
This angel got in touch with Scooby asking for help to find Chuki a home, and we could not refuse the request because there was an animal´s life at stake and we committed ourselves in finding him a home.
We have found Chuki to be a delightful dog, with a lot of joy in life and very close to people, he always wants to give you a lick and looks at you so you cannot refuse to pet him. And now he is looking for  a home where he can find the happiness we promised him and where he can forget the bad times. He in turn will give all his love to the person that decides to take this trip with him.