Luismi, Aroa and the best handmade jewelry

We have all the time informed you about the marvelous handmade jewelry, but we have never told you about the marvelous people behind it. Therefore, we now present you Luismi and Aroa. These guys are doing their crafting in their workshop every day, making every piece by hand with care and they are very much the perfectionists. This is something we appreciate because we get unique items that help us raise funds for the inhabitants of our refuge, but we also have to mention the fact that not only their work is great, they are also extraordinary people. They have always come to our aid, adjusting their pricing, making the ordering process go smooth and they have also given us some display material so our jewelry looks even better. Having friends like this is priceless but we do want to thank them a thousand times for their work and their great help

Thank you Luismi and Aroa, you are incredible!
in the pictures and the video you can see the creation process of the pieces.  

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