New rescue in Palencia

These three little ones were rescued in Palencia in the state you can see in the pictures. Cats that are born on the streets normally get ill easily with diseases such as  calecivirus and herpes, and if they are not treated in time they will surely die. They are in a very delicate state because they are very ill so we have started to treat them immediately. The smallest one is the worst off and we fear he will have to go to the vet to have one of his eyes removed, but being as weak as he is, the vets cannot operate on him now. The next couple of days are going to be decisive for them but we will do whatever we can to make sure they will get better. Wish them luck, and you know you can help us with their veterinary costs. Every day there are more rescues and less funds. Whatever help you can give will make a big difference. Do you want to help us?
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