News about Eloy

A few weeks ago we told you the sad story of Eloy and today we want to tell you what happened next.  After emergency surgery in the Clinica Mediterranea because of the serious open fracture in his hind leg, and have a hard post-operative recovery, Eloy has come back to the refuge. He still needs to gain some weight but the fracture has practically healed. Nothing could be done with the broken front leg because it was an old fracture already so he will have to live with it the rest of his life. It doesn't seem to bother him, he is a perfectly happy dog, sweet and always looking for someone to pet him. We still need to pay the veterinary bills so we are asking for your help in this. Without you, all this would not be possible.
Do you want to help Eloy?

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK  

Video Eloy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WReI5pJ2kQ&feature=youtu.be