Her name is ……

She was found abandoned with her three pups, until here everything was normal, normal at least here, anyway  last monday we received a phone call from a regional TV station , asking us to go there with two dogs for adoption , we have done several times, last time I was there with Linda and Bruce, so this time i thought that it could be a good idea to go with the mother and the three puppies and now I am going to tell you our wonderful history.
I went to the Tv station with the mother and the three puppies , I was alone so I took them inside the Tv station the puppies on my hands and the mother walking, I notice that she did not want to walk but I was in a hurry, i was late, so i pulled her a bit and then I lifted the mother and suddenly IT happened , the mother opened her sphincter and like a tap she filled everything with shit , the whole TV Station, my trousers, my coat , me completely and then I needed to appear on Tv with a towel for covering a part of my shit. Please adopt her , despite this small incident she is adorable and the puppies even more, by the way the smelling was awful. Kisses, licks and hugs. Fermín