I have just arrived from another transport , and this has been the fourth one in the last four weekends, so it means that I don´t have a free weekend for myself and my doggies since more than one month, some people think oh, how lucky you are always traveling abroad, let me explain a bit.
I finish working at three o´clock on friday, then fast lunch and preparing the luggage, around five in the afternoon we start driving,  minimum 16 hours and sometimes 20 hours, we reach our destiny on saturday , we download the dogs and cats and then we start loading the van with the donations , when everything is ready we  use to go to eat something, sometimes some shopping , normally food for us or plants or something for our own pets, after that we have dinner and we go to sleep, minimum ten hours sleeping, sunday morning, early breakfast and we start our way back, we use to arrive around one / two in the morning, fast sleeping and the next day at nine in the morning back to school to work, so these are lately my weekends and some people still think how lucky we are. We do it only for our animals and because if not we will never have enough homes for them in Spain, but one day I suppose that everything will change. Kisses, licks and hugs from the traveller. Fermín