My conversation with Raquel

We had a meeting at the beach , so I went there to meet and have dinner with Raquel and Antonio , like always our conversation was about animals and how to improve the situation , we were talking about different problems that we find on our daily work in relation with the animals.
There are several questions to have in mind, since the first of Jully 2015, our penal code has changed and now to mistreat or abandon an animal is an offense and it must be prosecuted by the police, guardia civil , judges and everyone involved with the laws and things like that, it is not necessary that we make a report it is an offense and they must prosecute , the same if we are talking about a robbery or a murder, so now everyone knows, no-one can answer us that they are just animals , to abandon an animal is an offense.
Also we were talking about how needed are more lawyers on animal welfare, the only way that the animals can be protected is , when we have lawyers prosecuting all these offenses, it is very sad to say but , still , in 2015 we will need to remind many people that animals matter and they cannot be mistreated, this is why , we are thinking about to find funds for paying lawyers to help us to look after the animals so we need to do fundraise also for that. It is a pity that we are always short in money because lawyers and court cases are always needed.
Kisses , licks and hugs from all of our animals. Fermín