Bullas - What to do?

My friend Marina and me we were drinking something and with our favorite conversation, “ animals in need “ , Bullas is a village of around 10000 population in the region of Murcia , our supporters know very well this village because we have done several rescues, anyway the question is that she was telling me that in that place there were more than 100 stray dogs, I thought that is impossible and I still think that , 100 , there are too many, Marina has started to send me pictures and I was astonished, i never thought that in Spain in 2015 , there could still happen something like this and now my question is ¿ what to do?, Scooby cannot help all of them without you, normally we use to do it , in the other way , we use to rescue them and after we ask for help, but in this case if we cannot get help we cannot help all these animals. So tell us what to do, without you we cannot do it. Kisses, licks and hugs from all of us. Fermin