29 September after multiple attempts we finally caught Tibu and Frineto, two apparently feral puppies. They were so scared of people that is was very difficult to catch them. When they arrived at Scooby they were too scared to come out of the corner of the enclosure and we were sure that it would be a lot of work to socialise them. So for the first night we left them alone as much as possible so that they could get used to their new surroundings.
We are not sure what happened that night but the next morning it looked like we had two new puppies. They were so happy to see us, coming to the fence, sniffing our hands and when we got inside they were not scared of us at all. We were happily surprised that Tibu and Frineto were not the feral puppies we believed they were. So now Tibu and Frineto are together with the other puppies in a big paddock where they can play. In this paddock where they can run away from us and hide if they want, they are always at the fence to greet people and as soon as you go inside they are ready to attack you with puppy kisses!
These two little guys are now ready for their next adventure, going home to their forever families.
If you feel like you are the perfect family for one of these guys, please contact us.
UPDATE – Frineto is now adopted, but Tibu is still in need of a loving family.