Sad news about Amel

From the first picture to the second is a dramatic change. This is how we found Amel, tortured untill death almost, her skull fractured, the nose completely destroyed and her eyes beyond repair after receiving those blows. Left for dead and left behind like trash. From the first time you got yo see Amel and now, there is an enormous change, thanks to the vets, the workers and the volunteers at Scooby, and the hundreds that  helped economically and by spreading her picture. We could not have been more proud of all the help we have received for her. And everything went well for her, untill now. Today is a sad day for us because Amel no longer has a foster home and has come to the refuge. After all she has fought and we have fought with her to find her a home, we feel we have failed her. There were so many people in the beginning that offered to adopt her that we thought it would be just a matter of time to make sure this story had a happy ending but in the end she comes back to the refuge without a home. After leaving the hospital, she has only known the warmth of a home so again this is a hard thing for her to go through. Please, we want to keep the promise we made when we rescued her, we promised her a home if she survived. She has done her part, can you please help us keep our end of the promise? Please spread the message so we can find her a home!