Dogs in need everywhere

Below you can read 2 of the uncounted calls for help we are receiving continuously.
Seeing these pictures breaks our heart but we have reached the point that we cannot afford these rescues in large numbers anymore. We need help, financial help to say it clearly. We can only take in  dogs in large numbers and especially dogs that will cause huge follow-up costs for veterinary treatment, when our financial resources allow us to do so. This  makes us feel sad and helpless but we have a responsibility towards all the animals we already have in our care and that we will be able to provide food and medical care for them. What already is quite a challenge most of the time
So if you want us keeping up our work also when it comes to rescues like these ones with many dogs, please help us with one of the following options. Without you we cannot do it and believe us, to be forced to say NO because our common sense says so is simply horrible when all our heart shouts YES, help them.

Join the teaming (for only 1 Euro/month): https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina?lang=en_UK

Send: Monday November 9 12.36
Re: SOS Noah’s Syndrome
I am writing you this way since I cannot find contact details on your webpage, to tell you that we have over 200 furry friends in our care but have found this case of Noah’s syndrome where we have found almost 60 dogs, of which we have been able to place about 20 in foster homes, but we still have plenty left, around 30. They don’t have beds, sleep on the floor and it is already cold at night.  The house they are in is going to be torn down in December and although we have been trying to get as many dogs out since august when we found out about it, we hardly find any more foster homes or adoptions, we don’t have our own shelter and are at the end of our strength, with some very high debts to the vet.  We are writing you because you have a good reputation and we know that these dogs will be in good hands with you, in case you could take up some of them.
There are various sizes and ages, from 8 months till years, most of them small and some of them medium size, Labrador size at the most. Some are very sociable and others are in panic so it is hard to find families who will foster or adopt dogs that are frighterened. Most of them are neutered, especially the bigger ones.  We have been spreading the news since august on social media, on flyers posted in public places, organizing events, raffles, concenrts, parties and anything we could think of but we see December closing in, we need to get them out of there and we don’t know where to put them. This is a desperate situation and we have been told that you also help other refuges in need. If you could take up some of them, we would be very grateful, because we are already very desperate and don’t know what to do  anymore with the foster homes filled and the dogs homes too. We cannot cope with this situation. Thank you for reading this mail,  which I have written because I could not find any contact details.  My name is xxxxxxx, tel. xxxxxx  

Send: 11 nov 2015 09.53
RE  Plea for urgent help
I am volunteer of an animal welfare organization (without shelter) in xxxxx, and I am aware you must be getting thousands of applications for help. Let me explain the case:
A person who has most likely Noah’s syndrome, who is a squatter, has been picking up stray dogs plus people have been taking dogs to him.  He is keeping them in terrible conditions, on the outskirts of Estepona, Malaga.  I am attaching pictures. Some of them are locked up in rooms without light or windows, without food or water and they are living in their excrements, they are not neutered, nor do they receive medical attention.  There are about 29 dogs of medium sizes, most of them podencos or mixes. Some of my friends want to go to the police and go there with Seprona but we all know what will happen if they pick them up and they don’t have a place to go, they will be put in a doghouse or be put down.  It doesn’t seem to be the first time this person has done this, so he will move and start doing the same thing when they take the dogs away, so it is very important to report it and make sure he gets a warrant and can keep an eye on him for when he wants to do it again. I have been asked to get in touch with you, to see if you please could take up a few, as much as you can, if you can.
Our contact is Xxxxx
Thanks for your work, big hug