Scooby finds an assassinated galgo in a plot between Medina and Moraleja

PRESS RELEASE  24th of March 2015

On a plot between the villages of Moraleja en Medina del Campo the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby last Monday afternoon found an assassinated galgo. The president of the organization himself, Fermin Perez was informed by two workers of the same organization who were walking with their dogs in the area when they found the remains of the galgo.
Arriving at the scene together with a veterinary doctor, they could only conclude that it concerned a young female galgo that suffered a blow to the head with a heavy object, that looked like it caused its immediate death. The animal had no means of identification, as could be confirmed by the chipreader.
Scooby has been fighting the killing of galgos for over 30 years and even though the numbers have gone down considerably during the last years, there are still cases like this occurring regularly.
This is the reason we continue to fight daily to achieve that all animals will have a means of identification, so we can control the number of animals and their owners. It is very important as well that their owners are organized to be able to control the number of galgos they own and the condition they are in,
This is a joint effort for various organizations to work together, primarily the galgo federations, who will have to instate that the galgueros have to be able to identify both themselves and their galgos, and on the other side the authorities involved who will have to check the identifications and make sure the laws are  abided, and the refuges to watch and care for the abandoned animals and report any cases like this one.

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