It breaks my heart

We have gone again to Merida and Jerez to pick up dogs , some of them from the perrera of Gesser and some from different galgueros until here everything is correct , all was ok until I knew that at least four galgos from the galgueros were not coming , because the galgueros could not wait and they have killed them, bloody galgueros, I really cannot understand it, we are trying our best, the shelter is full and we still need to rescue more and more because if not they will kill them, we need you to take dogs from us , we simply don´t have space and we need free spaces there are still galgos waiting for us in Murcia, Jaen, Sevilla and M├ílaga, I have been speaking with Maria and she has told me the same, at least two or three of them have been already killed and it really breaks my heart , please share widely we need to make space in our shelter for being able to rescue more. Thanks , I am sure that you will do your best, we need homes, money for food and medicines. Kisses, licks and hugs from all our animals , galgos, podencos, other breeds of dogs, cats and all the animals from our sanctuary. Fermin