We introduce - Mini-Mini

Waiting for the final result from our vet, I want to introduce you to our little tiny grandfather, he was found abandoned in Matapozuelos, he must be very old, because he only has two teeth , our vets are checking because also the jaw is broken and he need to be castrated, because believe in one night he was able to mark at least twenty times in my house, I can understand it , in my house there are so many new experience for a brave stallion like him. It is a real estrange case because he is chipped, when we trace the owner he is a breeder from Aranjuez and supposedly he gave the dog to someone here in Medina del Campo, we guess that he has not gone to the vet to be vaccinated so we need to start all the protocol , so this poor little creature has been used for breeding without caring for his health and when the breeder didn´t want him anymore he finished abandoned in the street. Kisses, licks and lots of love from all our dogs, galgos, podencos, cats and of course our farm animals and don´t forget to donate today without your help we cannot continue with this work. Fermin

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