Scooby is waiting for U

We need u , we need volunteers, we need volunteers here and from abroad.
Q : what kind of volunteers we need?
A: Any kind of volunteers.
Q: What are the limits for being volunteer?
A: not under 18 years old , if they are not with their parents.
Q: What are their tasks?
A: Feeding , cleaning any kind of animals, dogs, cats, ferrets, birds, horses, goats, sheep, bull, donkeys in an exhausting journey every day. Giving and receiving love from all of them. We need to bath some of them and I am not talking only about dogs , I am talking also about horses . 

Q: I am a handy man or woman can I also help?
A: Of course you are also absolutely welcome , we need always people like u , we are always renovating our sanctuary, building new places for both humans and animals, in fact at this moment we are building some small houses for our permanent volunteers like Simonetta.

Q: I am a vet?
A: We are preparing training courses for new vets but while it happens you can always give medication to our animals and help the vet in situ, but listen Scooby is here to help animals not for helping you to get more experience. If U are an experienced vet U are more than welcome we will have plenty of work for U , our clinic is ready for many things.

Q:I cannot go to the shelter, Can I help?
A: Of course we need U to spread the word, if U are a Community Manager , we have several works for U, we have Twitter, Facebook , Instagram, Youtube and also a web site in many languages with a news blog on every language so webmasters are also needed. Translators , we need u like a foster family for our most needed animals, we need U to go to different stands to let everybody to know about our work and also to earn some needed money for them .  

If U know someone famous that can help us, we need U, if U are a journalist we need U , if you are a specialist on publicity we need U, you are a teacher, welcome we want to educate on animal rights, if U are a graphic designer, welcome on board.
How U can see there are many many ways to help the animals in general and Scooby in this case, our brains are always too fast thinking and we have never enough hands to develope all what come out our brains so we need U. Kisses , licks and hugs from all us, galgos for adoption , all the other dogs and cats also for adoption and all our animals from the sanctuary ahhh and Don’t forget to donate today without your help nothing is possible. Fermín