A short but sad story

Actually it is nothing out of the ordinary, something that happens many times here in Spain, probably even many times a day.
A car stops at the residencia, someone rings the bell and there are people at the door saying they found 2 little galgo pups somewhere in the fields, they could catch them, put them in the trunk and would Scooby please take care of them.
Of course, we can do that and we take the frightened pups to a kennel, give them a soft bed, food, drinks and long cuddles and hopefully they will get used to their new surroundings soon. Unfortunate but pups adapt very quickly so they should be fine soon and they of course are absolutely adorable.
After talking to the people who brought them in, they tell me what I was afraid of and makes me sick to my stomach, they say they found the pups together with the mother, a white galga, while they were eating a rabbit caught by the mother, and that the mother has been wandering around that area for the last 3 years, every time having a litter that is being taken away from her by well meaning people because of course they cannot stay there.  The mother will then of course defend her little ones fiercely, she came on to them growling and threatening but still her little ones were taken from her, again, leaving her desperately seeking them, hopeless and frustrated.. 
It makes my heart break and something should be done about it.