Urgent help needed: our dogs need food.

Hello our friends, we know we are always asking you for renewed efforts to help us but Scooby is going through a tough time right now. Right now we have over 900 dogs in our care and to feed them is asking the utmost of us regarding the costs. We are talking about Eur 6000 a month.
As you can imagine, an amount that is very difficult for us to get together. And that is the reason that, for the benefit of our animals, we are again asking you for your help which is urgently needed. For the people in Spain or those who are close to one of our set ups in either Medina del Campo, Valladolid, Palencia or Zamora we ask you to bring us as much food as you possibly can, and for those further away both national and international, because of the costs of transport we ask you to help us financially to cover the costs of feeding our animals,
We are in a desperate situation because even though we should be saying we will not take up more animals we just cannot leave them without our and your help, they deserve a chance and that is the whole reason Scooby is there, to give hope to these and many more animals.
You can also help us by adopting or fostering one or more of our dogs, and if you might know of any company that could help us out with food or work with us, we really would appreciate it, and please share this with your contacts, friends and family and let them know in what situation we are in and what we need. Please we do count on you to do your utmost in trying to find ways to help us. Every little bit of help, as small as it might seem, makes the world of difference for us in these hard times.
You know there are a lot of ways to help us but our main concern right now is to feed them. We are talking about 900 dogs but the number of animals that depend on Scooby is much larger. You can imagine the financial consequences this has in just one month.
Please think of them, they are the most important and help us in any way possible. Share, promote and HELP one more time. Thanks for taking the time to read this, to understand us and for helping us, we really are grateful.
If you work with us making a donation, making a virtual adoption, becoming a Scooby member of becoming a Teamer for just 1 euro a month, you can help us continue to do our work.
A small gesture can change their lives. Don’t you think it is worth it?
Make a donation, become a member or adopt virtually: