Paloma, the story of her adoption

About two months ago a Spanish girl living in Croatia contacted us to ask about adopting one of our galgos. She had already written to several associations without success and we were her ultimate hope of making her dream come true to rescue a Spanish galgo. She did not want to adopt the youngest nor the prettiest, just the opposite: she wanted to have the one that nobody wanted to adopt.
We thought it was very complicated because in principle we only have our dogs adopted countries with partner organisations because of the checkup at first to see if the familiy they are in are suitable, and later on, after the adoption we visit them regularly to see if the dogs is happy and well taken care of. Because of how far she lived, that part was going to be complicated, but Scooby Italy took charge and set everything in motion to make it possible. If you find someone so desperately wanting to adopt, you just have to give it a try. A few weeks after Paloma (that is the name of the fortunate galga) arrived at  her new home, her new adoptive mother wrote the following:

“As you can see, she is doing great, in only two weeks she has improved tremendously, she wags her tail  when she sees me, she started to play with the cat (although the cat isn’t too happy about it yet) and this morning she surprised me when we were in the park, acting foolishly like a little puppy, playing chase and everything. I bought her a toy because she stole the cat’s and tore it to pieces.  We have a tiny problem with doing number one around the house but she is learning and it is a problem easily solved with a mop. For the rest everything is going fine, she’s very alert on the street and she is scared easily, but she is already a lot more relaxed and she loves the park. She still doesn’t like men or dogs much, especially those who run up to her with a lot of noise and barking but even that is getting better and sometimes she even gets close to the quieter ones.  I will send you the pictures in a few weeks, I will try tp get one from her together with the cat,  I am sure that within a short period they will play and sleep in the same bed.”

We are sure that Paloma is going to be very happy in her new home and that is what we hope for all of our animals. Seeing her that happy encourages us to continue our work. Be happy Paloma, and although you will forget us soon.. we will never forget you.