Pepe and Cicio urgently need special food

These little ones are called Pepe and Cicio, and they were rescued together with their brothers in a terrible condition. Undernourished, ill and scared out of their minds.  When they arrived at our place they were checked out by our vets who gave them a treatment immediately because they had parvo. It has been a long and hard process and even though we did what we could, only these two brave ones managed to survive. Now, a month later, they have managed to overcome the disease but their legs have become this way because of the malnourishment. Even so they are trying to integrate with the other pups and be normal but they can hardly manage to run or stay upright for a long time. When you enter to say hello, they try to run towards you to be petted, and they are always the last to get there. These champions deserve a normal life and to be able to play like any pup, and to get there they will need mostly food with a high nutritional value, something that we cannot afford because it is very expensive. After giving them this high quality food, we will have to see how they develop, and if they don’t get better we have to take them to the specialist to see what can be done. The next weeks are the most important and they need this food as soon as possible. Pepe and Cicio will be enormously grateful if you can donate for their high quality special puppy food, either the food itself or funds so we can get it for them. Would you want to help these babies?
Thank you!

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