This is Ebolita

This is Ebolita and she needs your help. She was abandoned when she was only a pup and was suffering from mange. We think that was the reason they left her, or maybe they just got tired of her. We rescued her when she was wandering around the streets, looking  for food, hungry, sick and very scared. Who ever is capable of leaving a defenseless creature like that to its own devices? We can not understand how things like this can happen. Luckily Ebolita has come to us and here at Scooby we will give her the care and treatment she needs. Unfortunately, even after weeks giving her the required medicine, we have not been able to eliminate the mange so we are going to need more tests to see what is wrong. We are not going to turn away and we are going to make sure she get the necessary tests done so she can recuperate as soon as possible and find herself a family that shows her what a real home is like. Do you want to help us to make Ebolita recover?

You can help us by: