4 Galgos and a puppy now safe with Cobie

We heard that in the provincial perrera from Valladolid there were 4 adult galgos, from which one had a puppy, very young and small.
So we went there to save them from being sacrificed and when we saw them, 1 brindle female, 2 white females and 1 white male, we had no words to describe the state they were in. 
All so very skinny, they were just skin and bones. The skinniest one is the white male, he is in a horrible state, also with a big inflamation on his foot, maybe it is broken or whatever. and he has several wounds all over his body and is very stressed. They also must have had terrible cold because it´s freezing in the night and with hardly any hair and fat on their body, they must have suffered a lot. But their biggest suffering of course, they have had with their galguero who brought them to the perrera. Obviously he didn´t care much for the welbeing of his dogs, because when you let them come this far, in such a terrible state, you should not have animals, never !!!
They are now safe and comfy in the Scooby residencia. And it´s amazing to see how they all take care of the little puppy. The mother, one of the white females, but also the others adore it and the puppy itself seems to like the male very much. It´s always in his neighbourhood so we don´t have to worrie about that!
Galgos are just amazing!