We need your help!

The horses we recently rescued are still in a poor physical shape so we need to get them back in shape quickly. As you know, the winters are quite harsh here and we cannot allow them to get ill. The only way to do that is to feed them the best we can and give them all the loving care they need. Apart from straw and carrots, we feed them alfalfa. Yesterday the first truck arrived and we already started to distribute it, and we think it will not last long. The alfalfa is VERY EXPENSIVE. We need you to help us pay the bill that comes to EUR 1943,70 so please donate whatever you can. The fowl, the old horses and the fillies need you. There are a lot of cold months ahead and their health is depending on it.
You want to help feed them?
If you want to support us so we can continue to rescue and nurse these animals back to health, you can do so through: