The story of Dagy

There are days that I would reject the fact that I am human, days that you refuse to accept being of the same species as these evil beings that humans can be. I was especially touched by the story of Dagy, maybe because it caught me in a bad moment, maybe because I don’t understand why people are wasting their energy in hurting an innocent being, or maybe simply because when I looked into Dagy’s eyes, it was just incomprehensible that a being with such purity would have had to suffer of such horrendous abuse and neglect.
On the other hand I also reconciled with human beings after meeting people such as Leticia and her friend. Leticia, member of Scooby, had been looking into the situation of Dagy since a few days, left on a piece of farmland with an owner who wasn’t interested. Very bravely she went to talk with S. (the owner) so he would give Dagy a more human and civilized existence, but they already knew that for Dagy to have a better life he would have to be far away from there. Therefore they convinced the owner to turn Dagy over to them.
Dagy arrived at Scooby and in a sorry condition, with a difficult to explain wound on its nose. After discussing it with the President, it was decided that Dagy would become another member of the Scooby family. Leticia and her friend wanted to  help in her maintenance, knowing that economics is sometimes a big handicap if you want to help all animals you can. That afternoon unfortunately confirmed what we all feared, Dagy tested positive on Leishmania and even worse, we think her owner has cut off her nose.
 Now Dagy is getting accustomed to his new life at Scooby, with the care of Enrique and the volunteers. We want to thank Leticia and her friend for everything, it is essential to be able to count on people that brave and committed. Thanks to you we still believe in humans.
We don’t know how long Dagy will stay with us, but we are confident that in the time he has remaining, and we hope it will be long, he will have a dignified life, where he will know love, warmth and care. In the end he will know the happiness that some day somebody tried to steal from him. For now Dagy, it is your turn to be happy.