Berta is one of the many victims of neglect. We found her two days ago on the streets, very confused and scared. Her hair was a complete nightmare, her nails were so long it hurt her to walk and she had very irritated eyes. Surely she must have been bought in some petstore by someone thinking they bought a toy and not an animal with its own necessities. We don’t even want to think in what kind of conditions she had to live to end up like this, the most important thing is that she is
with us now and the volunteers have been untangling her hair, cutting her nails and giving her an ointment so her eyes will get better soon. Taking care of an animal is a big responsibility, from the moment you either adopt or buy a pet, you need to spend time with it and make sure it is doing OK. We hope that Berta will be better soon, we will take care of her here and give her all the love she needs. If you are against neglect and abandonment and want to help us in rescueing and making sure animals are better off, you can help us do that by: