Urgent help needed for Lucky

Lucky is in our refuge and is in urgent need of a foster or adoption home. His story started 13 years ago when he was adopted out of a doghouse on the exact same day he would have been put down,  therefore his new owners called him “Lucky”. He has had a happy life, his family took care of him and loved him with all their hearts, but now they have to say goodbye to him.  He lived in a village in Zamora with Onorio and Paquita who were getting to be of an advanced age and started to get some physical problems, and with their limited pension they could not pay enough for the heating of their home. Therefore their daughter decided to take them with her to Bilbao and they cannot take Lucky since they have little space in the new home and they do not have enough financial means to support him. So now they are looking at the possibilities on what to do for Lucky. They were looking for somebody in the village that could take care of him during winter, for somebody to adopt him, even for a home that could take him in until they themselves would come back for summer, but they could not afford it. In the end, we received an urgent call from Nieves, asking us for help, that time was running out and they needed a place for Lucky.  A lot of you will judge this family for getting rid of their dog but we know for sure they have done everything they can. At times you just have to accept the facts and you cannot do no more and it moves us to see that this family has done everything possible for their dog until the last moment. You cannot imagine how hard is was to see them separate and how Onorio and Paquita were crying their eyes out saying goodbye to him.
Those of us who have lost their pet, have lost their companion, their family, know how hard it is to separate and to lose them, the pain you feel, and that it why we want a happy end for Lucky.  We need you to put yourself in this family’s place and this dog and we know you will have a place in your home and your heart for him.
Please, foster or adopt  Lucky, he needs you more than anything. We cannot let his life end sadly.