Rescue: the orphaned foals of Murcia

In June we went to the rescue of 39 horses in a state of exreme malnutrition on an estate in Murcia. Amongst these 39 horses there were 3 orphaned foals, very weak. Surely their mothers dies because of starvation or disease and these scared little ones were hungry and looking for comfort with each other. When they arrived at the refuge, they were so weak they could not even get up by themselves and so they were not able to reach the food and water. We were seriously worried about their future because it did not look good, but after having them come this far, we could not allow them to die. We had to separate them and started treating them with injected vitamins and a richer food based on straw and alfalfa. It is hard for them but after 6 months we start noticing the results. They don’t deserve what they have been through in their short lives and we cannot understand how a human being can do something that terrible to such noble animals, innocent and helpless. You can see their progress looking at the pictures and see for yourself that these sick and scared animals  that arrived here are slowly changing into three beautiful happy foals.