Dulce and Tigre

These are Dulce and Tigre. Both have passed a torment. We can´t understand how people can have so little feeling.
Last week we received a call from a man telling us there were two dogs waking around his village for the last 3 or 4 years and he offered him to capture them. Well, the problem is that when we arrived there we found a dog tied to a trailer and the other one locked in a cage for foxes.
We suspect both of them were into the cage before we arrived.
The two dogs were since last Friday there. Five days outside, in a cage. Imagine the anxiety of not being able to move, raining a lot and very low temperatures, without water and, maybe, a little bit of food.
The poor Dulce had her snout swollen, probably because of the position she was in the cage, huddled against the bars. When we arrived there she couldn´t move one leg.
Why still producing this kind of situation? Every living thing has to be treated with respect! The animals are not things, they have feelings, and they suffer and love like us!
In Scooby we´re not tired to rescue and raise awareness in people to things like that not happen again.
If you believe in which we do and you want to take part of the solution you can help in many ways.