Scooby celebrates SANTA PAWS

At Christmas and Epiphany we give out Presents to our partners, families, our children…and as the animals at Scooby are like children to us, we want them to also receive some Christmas gifts this year.
But for making it possible to present all of them, we need your help.
Therefore we initiated a small Christmas action: Santa Paws (which of course also includes our wonderful hoof animals).
Please pack a Christmas packet or stocking filled with treats, toys, also material for our clinic  is very welcome for our patients, and send them to us in Medina. So the volunteers who will spend Christmas at Scooby can distribute the gifts to the animals in your place and they will of course keep you updated on our Newsblog. Since the people at Scooby are busy all day long and therefore it may happen the office is unstaffed temporarily, please send the parcels to the shop of Fermin´s sister – there is always someone present to take delivery of  the mail during the opening hours. Hence she will know straight what is for Scooby and what is for the shop, please be so kind and paint or glue a Christmas star on the parcel.  This way she can tell the Christmas parcels from the shop deliveries straightaway without having them opened  already before the Feast days.

In case you haven´t got the time to pack a parcel but still want to join the action, you are very welcome to make a donation to any of our accounts and we will buy the gifts from this money for our Scooby-residents then. In this case please fill in “Santa Paws” as reference for your payment.
Well, and now we hope for a brisk participation and thank you upfront for that!