Even though Diego has been abandoned and run over, he is a lucky boy. He has managed to stay alive until a good human being found him, could not look away and saved him from a certain death. Now he is staying with us and today he has a date with the vet.  We need to take x-rays to see where he has broken anything and how to operate on him so we can get him as fit as possible as soon as possible to find a new home. Galgos like Diego have been, are and will be abandoned daily by their owners if they don’t serve them well enough for hunting. They are being tested like they were appliances, and if they don’t serve them, they are automatically thrown out. And then they are wandering around, disoriented, hungry, ill and totally helpless. In a lot of cases they cross roads and highways, very dangerous places where unfortunately many of them loose their life. We want to thank all those people that do not turn away from this terrible situation and inform us or rescue these poor animals. There is a saying by Edmund Burke  that says “ All it takes for evil to triumph, is  for good men to do nothing”
Even so, every day there are more of us that fight for a better world for the animals, every day there are more people opening their eyes and discover that the human being is not the only species that deserves to live.  Thanks to you all there is hope for a better future. Do you want to help us?