Give a virtual adoption for Christmas

A lot of times it happens that Christmas comes near and we don’t know what to give our family and friends as a present. We think about it a long time and nothing comes up. What can you give someone who already has everything?  Here at Scooby we have the solution: why don’t you give a present of solidarity? How?  By giving a Virtual Adoption!
For less than 33 cents a day you can adopt one of the habitants of our refuge, for example Austin. Austin was rescued after wandering around the streets for a long time and he is one of the workers and volunteers favourite dog at Scooby. We cannot imagine life without him. About two months ago we had an emergency operation because of a tumor in his spleen, which, if we hadn’t caught it in time, would have caused his death. Luckily the operation was successful and the results of the biopsy were negative, so we can say he has almost recuperated now. IF and when you adopt him, you would support us in paying for his medical bills and his care, giving him the happy life he deserves and also support us taking care of all our other animals. Austin is another one of those thrown out galgos, abandoned for not being good enough for hunting. A pity that his owner could not see what we see; a noble dog, loving and likeable.
If you have decided on your christmas present, click here, where you can see all our virtually to adopt animals: