This poor little girl was found wandering the streets of Valladolid
where she tried to survive but
it did not go as it should and, weakened as she was, the future did not
look very bright for her. Just
a few more days and she surely would have died in agony.
She was very lucky that she was found in time and brought to the Scooby
residencia where she now
has to recover from the severe mange who took almost all her fur and she
will have a lot of eating to do also
to gain weight because she was so weak that she could hardly stand on
her legs. She was in such bad state
that I really feared for her life, she looked death right into it´s
filthy eyes.
But she has an enormous willpower and an unbroken will to live and these
are going to help her get through all this, together
with time, love, attention and a lot of good food. And maybe, like this,
she can forget all the misery she went through
and look out for a much better future. She deserves it.