In the last weeks we received a lot of requests for rescue dogs, from Cuenca, Jerez, Cordoba, Murcia,
and one by one, we managed to go to rescue all the possible animals.
The last has been a very busy week, full of dogs, sheep, goats and pig rescue.
Here the story of the galgos of Jerez and Cordoba.
We left early in a very hot day, direction Jerez de la Frontera, where we found many volunteers waiting for us.
Everyone of them has collected a number of dogs, from a perrera, from a galguero, from the street.
They keep the dogs for the time it needed to permit us to go and rescue them.
These volunteers, everywhere, are a big piece of the puzzle, and we want to thank them for their huge work and help.
Later we went to a small refuge in Cordoba, to pick up some galgos more, a few of them very old.
And back to Scooby, with our precious cargo.
Look at the video and meet them, one by one, already available for adoption!