13 plus10 dogs rescued from Cuenca

Some weeks ago we have received a call for help to rescue some dogs from Cuenca.
The perrera was handled temporarily by an animal welfare association, but at the end of the three months,  the management would pass to the winners of the competition.
"Matarratas" - disinfestor - people have called them.
De facto these animals would all probability been sacrificed.
The volunteers of the perrera did a huge job to be able to empty it before the new management, and they called us to take care of some of these dogs.
Of course we did, and we went to Cuenca and brought home 13 galgos, including a mother with 10 puppies, I mean TEN!
Now we pass the request of help to you, because all these animals need a home, to leave rooms for others (we already have several other calls for help waiting).
Help us to continue to rescue animals, with sharing our posts, contributing economically, adopting, coming as volunteer.

Slide-Show Cuenca Rescate: