Lita, lost or abandoned?

A few days ago a family from Medina rescued Lita from being run over by a car.
The poor one was frightened, wandering the streets, going between cars, completely exhausted.
If it had not been not for that family, she would not have been with us.
When we heard about Lita, we brought her to our facilities and after offering her some water (which she would not drink as she was really scared), we checked if she had a microchip and knew, as usual, she had no microchip.
Lita does not look bad, but we can only guess if she has been recently abandoned or simply got lost.
We will never get tired of repeating how important it is to microchip our pets.
If you love your dog, have him/her microchipped. The microchip gets programmed with the owner’s phone number, and in within a few hours you can have him/her back home. Without the microchip, you may not have your dog back safely and sound.
Either lost or abandoned, this is the result: an animal destined to die, terrified and depressed.
Animals feel, and the psychological footprint of abandoning them is difficult to get rid of.
Lita has not been claimed, so surely we are going to need a responsible home for her.
Do you want to make yours her new home?