Another chapter in the story of the Bullas animals

This week, the Sociedad Protectora de Animales y Medio Ambiente Scooby has closed another, new,  chapter in their work to rescue the animals of Bullas (Murcia). We call it a new chapter because this story has converted into a a complete book with intrigue, problems, emotions… we think it might even become a bestseller.
As in all books, this story started a little over a year ago when Fermin, the chairman of Scooby went a few days to Murcia, and ran into Ger Canals, who asked for his help in a case of animal abuse that they were investigating at the time. The accused was sentenced to be guilty of animal abuse two years before, forbidding him to have any animals in his care for a period of three years. When they saw and knew about the whole situation, Scooby put themselves forward as the accuser and became legal temporary owner of the animals by the court, in total 7 fillies (most of them pregnant), about 60 galgos and podencos, 20 ferrets, 20 sheep and goats. All of them in a deplorable state, with serious nutritional problems because they were only fed the leftovers of fries of a nearby factory.
As it has become a custom already, some of the workers of Scooby started the trip to pick them up, being able to bring at first the horses, ferrets and dogs. The rest of the animals were depending on the necessary permits to be able to be transported.
Little by little the animals that arrived at Scooby were recuperating and gaining some weight, although we could also see that the state they were in, was even worse than we thought, they were extremely skinny, with intestinal problems, diseases and even some injury. We’d better not mention their hygiene either…
This is where the first chapter ends (but will continue…)