Respect and consciousness

Yesterday we received a phone call from the police that asked us to join them to recover some puppies thrown in a dumpster.
A little girl was down to empty the garbage and had heard groans.
We went out at the speed of light, especially worried about the very hot temperature.
Once there, we realized that such haste was unnecessary, in a white plastic bag, that the police had already removed from the dumpster, there were an unknown number of galgo puppies, born a few days ago, almost all dead or dying .
14 little bodies, soaked, 11 dead, 3 dead in no time.
Probably the puppies have been drowned before being thrown into the container, or perhaps they died right there inside, thrown there like trash.
Where is the conscience of people, where is the respect for life?
Both died in the garbage togheter with these 14 little bodies.