The story of little Figo

The story of young Little Figo, is a story of a little puppy eager to live but who has been barely given an opportunity to do so, and a story of a little one whose today's desire is to play and enjoy his life. Would you help us to give him a happy ending to his story?
Little Figo was found by the Civil Guard in a ditch, and based on his general condition and in particular that of his leg, they assume he had been hours lying there. As soon as he was given to us, we took him to the veterinary clinic where we found out that he had been ran over by a car, his leg had lost flesh and muscle and an injury that deep did not look any good, but we had to try it even if we had to risk to amputate his leg or in the best case scenario, get his leg rigid but with a permanent lameness.
He stayed at the clinic for a week, going through cares (we can imagine how painful these must be for a puppy), until his guardian angel appeared in the form of a foster home, Mary's, who offered to take care of him for as long as it was necessary. For six weeks Mary cured him three times daily, with such a mime and care, that was evident after each veterinary check out. His leg was regenerating, and the amputation was ruled out, his tendons regenerated, and there would not be lame, its skin was also regenerating and soon he would have not even a bad aesthetic memory.
Little Figo has been already discharged from all these cares, physically is one more, he runs and plays on the playground with the others, but our little one after knowing what a home is, after all the pampering and caresses, now he does not understand why he is in a cage and nobody takes him in arms ...
Little Figo, like all his friends at Scooby, needs a home for his complete recovery. Please, help us to give him a happy ending to his story.