We need help to rescue of two sows in Badajoz.

We have stopped their sacrifice at the very last moment, but we need help to pay for their transportation, maintenance and expansion of the shelter where they will next live.

A few weeks ago several people contacted us to ask desperately for help for two sows, who were in a kennel in Badajoz, where they had been decided to be sacrificed.
The process has not been easy since, and we didn’t know if we were to arrive on time, but finally, after much effort, we managed to locate the sows, which were already in the slaughterhouse and we could freeze his sacrifice at the last moment.
Now both of them are waiting for us to go for them, but we need help to make the rescue possible. In our shelter we are currently the home for more than 350 farm animals, including horses, donkeys, ponies, sheep, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, pheasants, rabbits and our great zebu.

Just a month ago more than 50 goats and sheep and a beautiful pig called Rocio, from Bullas were received in Scooby. They had had to wait more than a year, due to health issues, before we could take them, but nonetheless we payed for all their food, care and veterinary expenses. With all these expenses along with the maintenance of the rest of inhabitants at Scooby, we are currently economically under minimum.

We estimate that we will need about 1,500 € to cover all the expenses. We cannot help it but try to rescue these two sows, even more after all they must have suffered.
Their life is hanging out of a thread, and although we know that we are already saturated, we cannot turn away from them.
We just need your help to change the reality of these poor animals and give them the dignified life they deserve.
Read their story in the press: http://www.hoy.es/badajoz/201507/15/cerdos-perrera-mesa-20150715002748-v.html
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Without you, nothing of this would be possible.