A day off in Scooby

As usual we were thinking about how to spend the weekend and we were not sure.
Well, at the end we decided to go to Murcia, rescuing dogs.
So, wake up at 3.30 to leave at 4.00.
As usual we left late, at 4.30, why it's so hard wake up early? But anyway...let's go!
We drove for about 6 hours, some stops for gasoline, pee, snacks, and again on the road.
At noon we supposed have arrived to hell, because of the horrible temperature, but
finally we saw the panel, welcome in Balsapintada, deep Spain.
A very nice family with our volunteers had already collected the dogs and were waiting for us with mom Greta and her three puppies, a bunch of other puppies, galgos and mixes, around ten adult galgos, a few very shy.
Time to load the guys and back to Scooby, away from this hell of heat!
And that's it!
Here they are, waiting for adoption, please have a look their profiles on our web site,
dogs available for adoption section, thank you!*
You already know the Mama with the 3 puppies from another update, but here you can see all the dogs now: