My little girlfriend

When I stopped working 1,5 year ago I decided to look for a small podenco andaluz to keep me company when I had to go out. Together is more fun than alone. I have plenty of dogs but they would not enjoy coming with me because they are timid dogs or they get car sick. A small dog is easy and can sit next to me in the car with a proper car harness.

My eye fell on small Olivia now Olijfje, a very friendly and open dog and after looking at some of her pictures I decided to adopt her. She is a small podenco andaluz and weighs about 7 kg. she is really fabulous. She really loves to come with me in the car puts her nose in the air and put on a face and looks so  very satified with herself that she makes me laugh. Everybody looks at her and she is very friendly to everybody. Also to small children she is very friendly and very careful.

When Fermin comes we always go to the garden centre and Olijfje sits on her blanket in the trolly. Even when she is surrounded by plants she does not care. Everybody loves her and wants to touch her and Olijfje enjoys all the attention. Everyone is amazed by her good manners and of course mum is proud. When we go to the market she always gets treats. She really is my little girlfriend.

In the meantime Olijfje has a friend Mickey, he also is a little podenco andaluz who was kicked on the road by people. He really is a sweet little dog very submissive and quite. Mickey and Olijfje are very good friends, they go in the garden together and sleep together. Mickey also loves to lie in your arms as a baby for hours. He really is a sweetheart.

I really do not understand why podencos are not more popular and I can advice everyone to adopt such a little mouse. I also have here 2 podenco andaluz medium size and I can only say that they are just as quite and sweet as galgos. In fact to be honest the podencos here are more tolerant to other dogs than some of my galgos who can by crankey at the time and snabby.  They podencos are only lovingly and sweet and very lazy. So sad that they are not more popular. By the way do you know that podencos are less exaptable to leishmania than other dogs?

Here some pictures of Olijfje and Mickey and look for you self, aren't they adorable?