Helping Teresa and her animals

A few days ago, Fermin received an urgent call from Teresa, a lady of 78 years old who has been President of the Amigos de Animales association in Valladolid. Teresa  has been a very important person in the defense and rescue of animals and still is. Her actual situation was not good, she lived in a rental without water or electricity, in circumstances you would not think possible nowadays.  She lived there with several dogs, cats, canaries and other animals. Her call was very urgent and she was heartbroken because she had to leave her house and the only thing she could think about was what was to happen to her animals.
Obviously Fermin, or Scooby, could not look the other way and therefore Scooby, this animal protection organization that other associations look upon  suspiciously and criticize from the comfort of their sofas, again did not remain on the sidelines and actually did something. What? Well again taking charge of all these animals and trying to find them a new chance in life.
So one morning, Pablo and Simonetta took the van and  went to pick up Teresa’s animals.
Friends, the Scooby family continues to grow and consequently, the costs as well. So again we are going to ask for your help. Taking care of so many animals, supplying food, hygienic and veterinary care make up for a lot every day. So that is why we want to ask for your generosity because with a little help from you we at Scooby can do great things, and it will allow us to keep on helping and rescuing animals. Don’t give it another thought and work with Scooby and if you do want to think about it you will see it is the best thing you can do.