Help for Lucy, a very special little galga

This little galga’s name is Lucy, she arrived at our refuge last week after being rescued by Scooby and after wandering about for weeks without any help from nobody. No one wanted to help her because she looked like a monster and they were afraid her illness was contagious so she got weaker every day and finally ended up in this situation. Lucy is suffering from demodectic mange, pyoderma and malnutricion. How long did it take for this poor pup being abandoned to come to this state? Starving, scared, suffering from incredible pains because her skin is bleeding and she has wounds on her paws. We don’t understand how there can be people able to get rid of  a sick animal in this way. Even though, the little one was lucky. Right now she is safe at Scooby, receiving the best possible care and food and medication from our vets. For us Lucy is no monster, she is an angel, sweet, quiet and wellbehaved. She only wants to be a happy little galga like any one of her age and that is why she is needing a long lasting treatment.. Right now she gets anti inflammatory medicine, analgesic, Ivermectina, a shampoo, and special food. This treatment for us means a lot of added costs so again, we are going to ask for your help to help her get better. This little one has already suffered enough because of humans.They have turned their back on her once and now we need to show her that not all of us humans are the same. If you want to help Lucy you can do so in many ways: 
-        Spread her story so we can reach more people to help her
-        Joinl TEAMING for just  1€ a month:https://www.teaming.net/scoobymedina
-        Purchase something from our webshop:https://www.facebook.com/tiendascooby?fref=ts
-        Make a donation or become a member:http://scoobymedina.org/es/how_you_can_help.html
Without you, nothing is possible.

Gracias por su ayuda/ Thanks for your help.
Scooby Team