Pirri is looking for a home.

A few days ago the Asociación Protectora de Animales Propatas got in touch with us to ask for our help in finding a home for one of their dogs, Pirri. We will tell you his story and add a few pictures so you can get to know him. Pirri is a little galgo of 10 months old that showed up in Arrabal de Portillo (Valladolid). Somebody either hit him or ran over him and left him. A girl that was walking in the area found him, not moving, starving and thirsty, with the hindlegs paralyzed, bruised and bloody hips. After taking him to the vet they found out that his spine was broken, his abdomen distended, infected, and without sphincter control, destroyed anus and lesions all over his body. Around mid april he was operated on in Leon and then had to spend a month in rehab, after which he went to a foster home. Right now Pirro is already standing up and has already taken some little steps. On the 24th of may he has improved very well, takes short walks, the sphincter control is getting better and he has almost complete bladder control back, so he only needs to wear his diaper a few hours a day now. And now we need to combine our resources to be able to find him a home!